Talking Personal Finances with Jen Nirschl – Episode 2

Jen Nirschl - The Wing Podcast Episode 2For our second podcast we are digging into personal finances.  We are talking to Jen Nirschl and getting the low down on good habits for personal finances and extreme couponing.  Going along with our ideas of community over competition.  We thought bringing in a Super Mom for this episode would benefit quite a few of our audience.  As a small business owner, most are single operator, personal finances and business finances blend together a little.


Jennifer worked in the financial industry for more than 7 years. She considers herself a retired extreme couponer. When her husband lost his job in 2008 she had to figure out a way to get a full time job, provide for her family, and save money. She will share some of her secrets to success with us today.


Some Notable Questions:

When it comes to finances what one thing could help an Entrepreneur, Person, or Small Business?

Save something every paycheck…even a little goes a long way. Saving is giving back to yourself.

Do you have a Mastermind (Mentor)?

I look up to my mom. She was the sole supporter for our family. My dad was disabled and we had high medical bills. She saved and invested everything she could and now is worth more than she made over the lifetime of her career.

Chris mentioned Stash Invest in the podcast for the consumer to DYI there own investments and learn how to invest along the way…  Follow this link and you can get $5 free to start your own investing journey.  As always consult a financial representative if you have questions about investing.  Most investments are not guaranteed and you can lose money also.  Invest smart and do your research and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a financial respresentative.

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